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Marketing Pathfinders LLC improves and accelerates clients’ marketing and new product efforts by integrating marketplace analytics with proven business expertise.

We have the talent for finding customer value that increases sales, marketing effectiveness, and profits.

Examples of recent engagements include:

Market Segmentation that gave our client a completely new way of thinking about prospects and customers.  Management’s thinking was completely transformed when long-standing hypotheses about market dynamics gave way to actual buyer mindsets.

Positioning a New Product: Answering questions of what to say that is compelling, how to address objections, and what to do about purchase barriers. Short answer: focus on customer value and leverage understanding of customer experience.

√ Establishing a messaging framework and corresponding sales tools empowering the sales force. Defining the audiences and scripts that motivate engagement.

Defining pricing strategy and optimal decisions: using  Discrete Choice research and market simulation tools to determine product pricing and estimate sales volume.

Guided new product development and product optimization from concept to in-market assessments.

Solving the real business problem: framing business issues so that the correct questions are asked and correct analyses are done in the first place.

For insight to action contact Marketing Pathfinders LLC.

Phone : 978-440-8958

eMail: info-at-marketingpathfinders.com


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